Friday, December 25, 2015

Jinjja Chicken is now Halal!

I did not even know the existence of Jinjja Chicken till my mei-mei whatsapp me on the day they got their Halal Certificate. Anything halal, and especially Korean intrigued and empowered me okay ;) so upon hearing this super duper great news (and thank Allah for the short distance to Bugis from my workplace!), set a dinner date with both my siblings (who coincidentally works at North Bridge Rd & Jln Sultan). 

According to their website, they aims to create and define 'The Authentic Asia Fast Food Joint'. I take their words for this as I do not have the chance (yet) to taste the real Hanguk taste of Jjamppong, Jjajang Myeon and Patbingsu in South Korea. Anyway Jinjja means Real, I hope they really create the dishes authentically.  

Location: 249 Victoria Street, Bugis Village, opposite Bugis Junction
Opening hours: Sunday - Thursday, 11am - 10pm 

*Friday & Saturday close at 11.30pm
Nearest MRT: Walking distance from Bugis Station, Exit A (EW12)
Price range: Between S$2.50 to S$22.90

My first thought was 'Wow! Very innovative. Tteokbokki sauce with fries, must be super yum.' Alas, me think wrong. Basically with this Small size, tteokbokki refers to the (only) 3 Tteok (Rice cake) on top of the fries. Sauce is red and similar to tteokbokki colour, but all the way to the end, I could not taste the jinjja tteokbokki sauce. Or maybe because I add in cheese (top up S$1)? Shrug.
Oomph Verdict: ★★★

JINJJA WINGS S$7.90 - 6pc
They offer two version: Soy Garlic and Yangnyeom. If you can't decide like me, order Mix. You can taste both and make a decision (for next visit) which is your favourite. I choose....both! hehe. Both tantalizing in their own sauce. The sad part when you bite into the bland meat, would be nice if they give extra sauce on side.
Oomph Verdict: ★★★★

Seafood Jjamppong is on my list to try-eat dishes (if i ever get to go to SK again), delightful that I can eat it here, in SG. Rich broth blast with ocean-packed taste of squids and mussels. Eat fast! As the noodle became soggy. 
Oomph Verdict: ★★★

Authentic jjajangmyeon usually comes with pork. Imagine my excitedness upon seeing this halal, pork-free version! The black chunjang (black salty soybean paste) taste good and thick, but after mixing it with the noodle, it became thin and tasteless. I think it taste better with rice. You can choose either Myeon (noodle) or Bap (rice). And hopefully in future they will change and add in cubed meat (beef or mutton) instead of potato.   
Oomph Verdict: ★★

SEAFOOD MANDU $3.50 - 4pc
Mandu (dumpling) taste similar to Old Chang Kee's Seafood Gyoza but more crispier and full with mushed fillings, few shrimps and scallions. Slathered on a roasted sesame sauce.    
Oomph Verdict: ★★★

After ordering, they will give you a slip to claim your dessert after meal. Pass it to the cashier and they will prepare it for you. Patbingsu literally means red bean with ice. And Walla! That's what we had. Shaved ice with condensed milk top with roasted soybean powder and sweet Injeolmi (rice cake) covered with same powder.  
Oomph Verdict: ★★★★

SIKHYE RICE DRINK $3.30 - Large 
A traditional Korean beverage made from barley malt powder and rice. A cooling, sweet drink on a hot day. 
Oomph Verdict: ★★★★★
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You can find Jinjja Chicken full menu here


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