Thursday, April 1, 2010

Travelog: Day 7 - 7D Charm of Korea [19/3/2010]

Wake-Up Call: 7.00am

The end is here :( 
Time went by really fast when you're having fun! Final morning in the three of us have packed our belongings the night before, today's morning seemed less hectic than the last 4 days...feels like I want to extend my stay here ;p six days are not enough!

Breakfast: Buffet at Korean/Western Restaurant
We ate a little, just to stop our stomach from grumbling...we are more focused on capturing our final moments at Hamilton Hotel ;)

Brian brings us to Korean Ginseng Factory after checking out from Hamilton Indonesian lady guided us thru the whole process of Ginseng...from seeding process to its nutritional values...I never knew that ginseng actually takes form of human body and postures! Masya Allah! I thought of buying it for mum and dad but after we went to the store to have a sample of their products, I have not just a second thought but third and fourth as well :p the price is so steep! really thinking hard whether its worth to buy or the end I did not spend any wons there...after tasting the samples, I'm pretty sure mum and dad would agree with me ;p

Next, Amethyst Factory - the brilliant purple gem! most of the items here also quite expensive, finally at the end of the shop, we found a suitable one for the three of us: handphone charm in many shapes. They also gave us free necklace for this charm can also be a locket. I bought 3 of it - butterfly, four-leaf clover and flower (S$13 each) plus a brooch (S$33) for mum. They accept all kind of currencies here! sing dollars, malaysia ringgit, indonesian rupiah and many more!

Then we proceed to The Face Shop where we were shown and tried their sold-only-in-Korea product, The is amazing! after the demonstration, almost all ladies from our group bought it ;) I spent nearly S$200 here...ohmigosh! from Peeling Gel to BB cream...and Aqua Silky Soothing Essence to Sleeping Mask...their marketing style is very simple, buy 5 items free 1...and additional free bag if you spend more than 300,000 won (S$380) a kiasu Singaporean, of course we wouldn't want to miss this opportunity :)

Lunch: Spicy Seafood Steamboat at Yeouido
I like this soup the best! It's a bit spicier and variety of seafood...crab, abalone, prawn, all sorts of clam and not to forget my favourite soya bean sprouts :D

Last stop at Cheongha Korea...selling all kinds of local snacks, crackers and chocolates plus t-shirts, bags and souvenirs...we spent all our remaining wons here ;)

It's boarding time! I'm going to miss you, Korea! Annyong hi kyeseyo!!!!! We will meet again, insya Allah ;D

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