Thursday, April 1, 2010

Travelog: Day 6 - 7D Charm of Korea [18/3/2010]

Wake-Up Call: 6.30am

Sleepily woke up today, yesterday went down three times! Finally going up, back to our cosy room at nearly 2am, luckily we're not late again today otherwise we will be known as the late devils instead of Charlie's Angels ;p 

The scenery has totally changed while we were sleeping, everything is covered with snow! Masya Allah! the bare trees look so different with all the snow 'flower' on it ;)

Breakfast: American Buffet at Hotel's Restaurant
I wasn't paying much attention to the food there. All I can think of is to eat fast so I can go outside and play! The fresh snow is calling! Who knows when will be the next time I'll be seeing you again, deary snowy ;) 

Back in Seoul, straight to Kimchi School. All the ladies grabbed an apron while the men sat at one corner. Hands-on kimchi making, the teacher couldn't speak English so Brian translated it for us. It seems so simple yet so complicated, to me the process is quite tiring ;) 

Afterward, we get to sample all types of kimchi - traditional cabbage, radish, octopus and cuttlefish. The last three kimchi palatable to me, the radish with more zing! I can't stomach the cabbage kimchi, actually it's the smell that puts me off :p We can also buy it there at 10,000won/S$13 per pack and they will pack it in a freeze-box and send it straight to the airport tomorrow. Great service!

Next, we get to experience wearing the traditional clothes - Hanbok. However, we were to wear whatever they give us, cannot choose our preferred colour. I think it's more of a language barrier, they couldn't understand us and we could not tell them what we want, nevertheless we had fun posing with Hanbok ;)

Lunch: Indian Cuisine Buffet at Wazwan's
After 5 days in Korea, we finally meet our local food here! Maggi mee! They cooked it with bits of tandoori chicken, a few veggies in a very thick soup...seedaaaap! The chef had to cooked thrice for us as we always fill our plate with it :)

We performed our Zuhur/Asr prayer at Seoul Central Mosque, walking upward for the second time wasn't so bad. It seems like our feet has got used to KWS -  Korea's Walking System hehe.

I thought of spending my won at Donghwa Duty Free shops but the prices there are very unreasonable and their souvenirs items mostly the same as those at Doota Shopping Centre. There are also items made in Korea like cactus and mushroom chocolate but nothing appeals me. There are two section of shop here, one side is the Made in Korea and the other is Imported Brand. Kak Noorul bought a Swatch watch, it's cheaper here! I finally 'met' Junki! Hehehe, here at Donghwa Duty Free!

We're supposed to go to Insadong Antique Alley but most of us requested to go to Silk Market instead, nak beli kain untuk raya ;D I chose purplish theme for this year raya and bought for mum, dajie, meimei and me. The price not much vary from here but still it feels different buying it at Korea and at Geylang ;p

Dinner: Moroccan Cuisine Buffet
There's couscous! Love it! and the chicken in tomato broth is simply amazing. Delicious final dinner in Korea ;)

The night is here! Last night on Korea's soil :( 
Tomorrow we're leaving sad...

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