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Travelog: Day 5 - 7D Charm of Korea [17/3/2010]

Wake-Up Call: 7.00am

We're late...again :p but not because terbangun lambat but due to misunderstanding and miscommunication hehehe after performing our Subuh prayer, we decided to stay up, waiting for Syuruk to come as we want to catch sunrise from our room's balcony. Today's Syuruk begins around 6.40am. Kak Noorul and me took a peek outside around 6.20am and it's still dark so we decided to wait in the room, cannot tahan the morning cool air, it's bitingly cold! By 6.35am, Iza headed to the balcony to take pictures of the beautiful landscape. Moment after she stepped out she faced back to us and said "korang, matahari da keluar la" kak Noorul and me bolted to the balcony, in time to see the sun before it's fully came out. Subhanallah! La Ila Ha Illallah!

It was spectacular even though we didn't get to see the whole process of sunrise, it still feels like the sun embracing you with hope, happiness and love amidst the cold, she's always there to warm our heart, our life, Masya Allah! We moved back inside at 7.00am to pack our bags. We're checking out today and going to ski Resort! Whee! At 7.50am, Iza reminded us the time, I retort back saying that we still have lots of time, Iza just shrugged and replied okay. Suddenly the phone rings, it was Veronica, telling us to hurry up, everyone waiting for us at the lobby to have breakfast together. Kak Noorul and me were so surprised, we stop doing whatever we were doing then. I mean why everyone is so early, aren't we supposed to meet at 8.30am, I asked Iza. "No lah, Brian cakap pukul 8.00! "La apasal ko tak bilang seh, kitaorang ingatkan pukul 8.30!" Upon hearing that, we both quickly get ready as fast as we can. We appeared at the lobby at 8.05am, only Brian was there waiting for us, the rest of the group has gone to the restaurant :p

Breakfast: Ala carte of scrambled egg, potato wedges, toast and slice of orange at the hotel's restaurant. I am so hungry at that time so everything taste good! Especially the wedges, crispy on the outside, soft in the inside..yummy! Despite being the last one to have breakfast, we're the one who finished first! While waiting for everyone, we dashed outside to take photo with the snow!

Before going to Ski Resort, we took a Korail from Gangneung Station to Jeongdongjin Station - the only train station beside a beach! The journey last less than half an hour. Just a few minutes after the train moved forward, a vast ocean can be seen thru the wide train's window. Everyone quickly moved to the other side of the train where the ocean can be seen :p Luckily we have the whole compartment to ourselves so we can move freely!

Wow! The beach is very clean and so cool! With the wind roughly blown at us! Everybody clutching their jacket tightly yet can still take photos and pose! At the end of the beach, there's a big cruise ship, looks like it is stranded on the rocks. Veron told us it is actually a restaurant built like a ship, innovative rite!

Lunch: Dried Pollack Fish soup with plenty of side dishes and steam rice (I like!) at local restaurant

After lunch, Brian brings us to a ski rental shop to pick up our ski suit! As soon as we arrived there, the shop guys gave a quick look and pass us the suit he thinks can fit us. Brian told us to wear the suit there as time is very limited. We thought after this we're going straight to ski but after we arrived at Yong Pyong Ski Resort, we were to ride the cable car first, straight up and then go down again! Can you imagine us walking here and there in the ski suit which looked a bit like construction worker suit!

The cable car exactly the same size as those in Sentosa, we shared a cabin with cik Tina and her two daughters, Syaza & Izzati. It was a great experience, a thrilling ride uphill (for me je!) with natural scenery of mountains, trees and ski slopes! After 20min, we're finally arrived at Dragon Peak. It was soooo cold! Luckily we're wearing our thick ski suit so the only coldest spot is our face ;)

Finally, it's skiing time! Brian extended his service again (komapsumnida Brian-sshi!) by teaching us basic skiing as personal instructor cost around US$100. First we have to take our ski shoe, pole and board; that two thingy strip...whatever it is called. OMG! The shoe is so thick, we can barely walk! The 6 of us (only the youngsters willing to ski!) looked like penguins, wobbling left and right ;)

I never thought skiing can be so much fun! Of course, at first I am very scared - scared of breaking my bones ;p however after a few rounds of falling and sliding and more falling, it's not intimidating at all! The soft snow is always there to cushion my fall!

This place closes at 5pm and we have around 1.5 hrs to ski around. As the ski slope located at open space with no barriers or gate surrounding it, we are still able be around there even though everything has been shut down, as usual we would not want to miss capturing our moments here and since this is the last time we are surrounded with snow as tomorrow we will go back to Seoul. Little did we know, at night miracle happens!

Dinner: Octopus Seafood Stew with Udon at the same restaurant we had our lunch with the same side dishes again.  

Inside the bus, on the way back to hotel, Brian mentioned there's a BIG convenience store a distance away from our hotel. Listened tentatively for directions, I said to my friends, "We go to BIG kedai after this k...tak nak yang SMALL kedai at hotel's lobby" :p Iza and kak Noorul senyum je, layan-ing me..hehehe...

When we're walking towards the store , guess what? SNOW IS FALLING! Small flecks of snow falling from the sky! So happy! Alhamdulillah, dapat jugak merasa dan melihat salji turun :D Thank you Allah! Saranghaeyo!

The big convenience store turns out to be a MEDIUM store ;p Kak Noorul found packet seaweed as at the lunch/dinner restaurant that we both love. We bought a few packs each and I also bought 1kg of Korea rice to reminisce taste of Korea at home.

The snow falls heavier as the night goes. At one point when it drizzled heavily, we went down again, playing like an excited kid at the carpark. When we had enough, we went back to our room, snacking on seaweed. It's crispy and a bit salty, just perfect! Memandangkan kat Singapura takde jual seaweed macam ni, kak Noorul and me decided to go to the store again to buy some more! Hehehe...and i ended up not only buying more seaweed but also more rice ;)

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