Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Travelog: Day 4 - 7D Charm of Korea [16/3/2010]

Wake-up call: 7.30am
We're overslept! and had to skip breakfast because of that :p luckily we are not the last group to come down at the lobby with our luggage... we're going to Nami Island! yahoooo! journey from Itaewon to Chuncheon took nearly 2 hours...i think all of us take that opportunity to sleep...

I'm sure the temperature drop some more there...it seemed to be getting colder and colder...brrr! we have to take a short ferry ride to Nami Island, less than 5min...

Nami Island is one of Winter Sonata filming site..it's a famous place among the locals and getting more famous around the globe after Winter Sonata was aired...it is a romantic spot for all...the scenery there is amazing! Masya Allah! Subhanallah! i was mesmerized by the lake and the trees! lined up in a straight line, accompanying us with every step we make, feels like i'm protected and they hugging me with care...hao mei...sigh...

Lunch: Korean Vegetarian buffet
back from the island, we had our lunch at a shop perch up on a hill with a cool view, our first time having an authentic Korean cuisine...i didn't catch the name of this shop, maybe too hungry at that time and used up too much energy at Nami Island, running around like a kid; taking photos and heating ourselves ;p there's a lot of food but lacks in presentation and somewhat unrecognizable...i tasted a bit of almost everything...some of them taste quite delicious ;) i also tried the sesame leaf, unavailable here (i think) it 's bitter and peppery, one piece is enough for me! it looked so tasty on tv though :p

Journey to Mount Seorak took another 1.5 hours more...along the way, white chunk of ice can be seen on the mountains and trees...hardened from snow, 5 days ago...just a day before we arrived Korea...even that makes us excited! never seen snow ice all our life, kak Noorul, Iza and me quickly darted to it when we stop for a toilet break ;)

Upon reaching at the base of Seorak San (Mountain) we couldn't tahan the cold anymore! there's a stall selling socks, gloves and scarfs...each of us bought one scarf (10,000 won/S$13) to cover our frozen face! walking side by side with snow and ice is an amazing and wonderful experience... i don't know how to describe the feeling...but being there, happiness and tranquility surrounded you, Subhanallah!

Because of the strong wind blowing, the cable car stop their service for a while...and not being able to ride that, Veronica compensate with another cable car ride at tomorrow's ski resort...we spent the rest of the time playing with the frozen snow...

We checked in at Seorak Park Hotel before dinner...the hotel room was spacious and the view, Masya Allah! like a painting hanging there for us to appreciate Allah's creation more...

Dinner: Seafood Steamboat at local restaurant
i love it! so simple yet so divine! the steamboat consist only of squids, clams and crab plus several vegetable including my favourite soya bean sprout :) every scoop gives you a full fresh sea flavour..yum yum! the side dishes also nice, the most likable here is the fried anchovies with a bit of sweetness from the sauce...even the rice taste delish! kak Noorul and me finished the whole bowl! Both of us also share-bought a big bag of dried squid for our family (35,000 won/S$44)

Before going back to our room, we walked around the hotel lobby, fortunately the souvenir shop already closed when we came back from dinner, otherwise more wons will be gone again :p

The amazing view from our room. Subhanallah!

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