Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Travelog: Day 2 - Kuala Lumpur Escapade [1/1/2011]

The best part of traveling free and easy is you can wake up at any time you like ;) Last night, kak noorul and me have decided to come down for breakfast at 7.30am...early birds gets the fresh food :) but after performing our Subuh prayer, we both jumped back on bed and sleep comfortably, despite the bustling activities at the bazaar below...hehe..in the end we eat at 8.30am...

Breakfast is a simple affair...a buffet of vegetarian noodles, toast and tea..however, it is not enough for both of us...so we headed to find more food around the hotel area...and found KFC! yeah! We met kak midah, annisha and hanis at hotel cafe and they told us to gathered at 2.30pm for a shopping spree...kak noorul and me just browse around the area to kill time, afraid that if we go somewhere else we might missed the others...

Only if we had known something will happen, we would have gone to KLCC! We went back to meet others, only to find kak timah and her family there...unknowing to us, the rest had changed plan and went to Megamall an hour earlier! So we decided not to follow them but took a cab to Berjaya Times Square instead with kak timah and alawiyah...spent almost half a day there...hunting for food ;)

First scoop, we shared two gelato (forgot the shop's name) - mango and oreo..second snack, we headed to Ireland's Potato..french fries with special sauce - we chose pizza and honey something something (again, forgotten :p) third plate, tried the hot stone at Shabu Shabu Train..a Japanese cuisine..we ordered dory hot stone and chicken yakitori...not what we expected but overall quite a different experience ;)

Fourth takeaway, bought two different sandwiches at Subway for a late night snack back at the hotel...fifth pack, stumbled upon a shop which sells creamy soups in a unique bowl made of bread! that is enough to intrigue us to say "can we have this please?"
Dinner was at long-time-no-see A&W, i ate waffle ice cream only..too full for other stuff :s before going back to hotel, we have to find munchies for our bonding party..finally settled on a tin of love letters..what both of us did not expect is..a pasar malam along the stretch of Masjid India all the way to our hotel! Not to be labeled as food waster (and we do have more food to snack later on) we just bought two items there - fried quail and twister fries...believe me, trying to ignore other pasar malam's delicacies is such a torture!

Our bonding party went well...thanks to djah, kak noraini, kak noriha and kak sapiah's teka teki, games, charades and laughter...it was after mid nite, we all retreat to our own rooms..with smile still plastered on our faces :D

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