Saturday, March 27, 2010

Travelog: Day 1 - 7D Charm of Korea [13/3/2010]

The day is here!!!!!!!!!
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah :D

At the very last week of Feb, we finally received words from Veronica, our travel agent from Lead Travel, the words that I have been waiting to hear "Yes, we're going!" Wheeeeeeeeee!

On the 13th of Mar, marked my wonderful journey to South Korea ;)

We gathered at Terminal 1, Changi Airport around 4.30pm...due to overbooking of Asiana direct flight to Korea, we couldn't get seats so we have to be on Cathay Pacific transferred at Hong Kong before proceeded to our destination. It doesn't matter as long as I can be at Korea ;)

Mak, ayah, kakak and ciput sent me off. As usual before that, our family 'customary blanja makan before flight' tucked in at Popeye's. At 4.35pm, Iza called me, telling me to go down now as everybody already checking in. I'm getting nervous by then as this is my first time taking a plane and starting from check-in point, everything was a new experiences to me.

After gone thru immigration and did our final bye bye to our families, we set out to find food as both of my sisters here quite hungry, we chose Delifrance as it's near the prayer room. We went the wrong way to our gate and this makes us the last 3 person to board the plane. Luckily I got the window seat (yeah!) Kak Noorul is beside me. Iza at the middle row, two seats away from us. Maybe due to our seats at the very back of the plane, makes the air around us hot. Kak Noorul and me were sweating and kept fanning ourselves. Take off and landing was a great moment to me, now that I have known and experienced how it feels like, I kind of like it ;)

On board Cathay Pacific, 1st time on air!

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