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Travelog: Day 1 - Kuala Lumpur Escapade [31/12/2010]

It all begin with kak midah's casual remarks to kak noorul on early november 2010...The Iyad gang is going to kl by flight! and we want to join too! Practically the next day after kak noorul told me, we've booked the flight to Kuala Lumpur (hehe!)
and the story goes like this ~

Team 1
- djah from Iyad JE (tour organizer and owner of the soon-to-be-open-insyaAllah D'Holidays ;p)
- kak midah from Iyad JE
- kak sapiah from Iyad JE
- kak timah from Iyad SC
- alawiyah (kak timah's daughter and our un-official photographer :p)
- hanis from Iyad Hougang
- kak noriha from management (unexpected member ;p)
- annisha from Iyad JE

Team 2
- kak noraini from Iyad CCK
- kak noorul from finance
- me!

Flight Checked-in: 11.15am at Air Asia counter, Changi Airport, T1

After checked-in settled, we had a hearty brunch at Burger King as there is no in-flight meal (overall only 1hr of journey, nak makan pun tak sempat ;p) By 12+, we proceeded to our gate and waiting to be called to be seated - we are among the last people to board the plane...maybe because our seats nearer to the door (shrug) long everything goes smoothly ;)

I missed the promotional period for the best price plane I bought it at S$36 plus S$8 insurance coverage and S$15 for extra baggage up to 20kg on the return to S$154.70 inclusive of taxes and extra charges (seat-picker)
for more info ~
tips ~ constantly check their website for latest promo price or join them on twitter :)

An hour later, we arrived at LCCT, Kuala Lumpur...captured our first group photos ;D here's one from many other poses ;) Djah already booked an express train ride from KLIA to KL Sentral..but first we have to visit airasia souvenir kiosk! hehe! several items from their catalog onboard caught our eyes ;) and we have to have it..once the shopaholic-adrenaline kicks in, there's nothing can stop us..hahaha! I bought a red tote bag with cool cartoon airplane picture [RM35]

Excited da sampai!
Going to KLIA, we took a shuttle bus from LCCT Bus Terminal [RM2.50] the bus is air-conditioned and quite comfy but the waiting is dreadful! If you're with big bulky luggage, just hail a cab ;) I thought KLIA was just beside LCCT, like our terminals...but no! it takes around 25min from here to there..we've made couple of u-turns at KLIA, always going the wrong way :p more walking towards train station and more waiting! the express train is very classy, worth your ringgits [RM35]

Book ticket online! We got a RM10 off each pax for we booked for more than 3 adults tickets but i think this promotion has ended. Easier check in, just printout the bar code and scan it at KL Sentral Station.
for more info ~
tips ~ make sure you have ticket holder's full name beforehand and sign up first before doing any booking otherwise you have to repeat the booking process all over again :) 

Outside the control station, we were greeted enthusiastically by a group of guys...hahaha, don't misunderstand k..they were kak fatimah's husband and two boys who went there a day earlier...again, more walking towards the LRT Station...along the walkway, we saw one shop that makes us drooling (or me only, hehe!)'s a SUBWAY! not the train but the sandwich shop! fnally, after seeing lots of commercials and salivate in front of tv back we can eat as much as's halalan toyyiban!

We also found an airline agency and asked them to pre check-in return flight for us as we had difficulty checking in online...with a minimal fee [RM5/pax] it would put our minds at ease, no need to worry about missing a flight as long we arrived at the airport within the time limit ;)

From KL Sentral to Masjid Jamek by LRT cost us RM1.30 each...just 2 stations away..expect more walking if you intend to stay at Citin Hotel (it's only a minute distance but i was already tired of walking by the time we arrived there...luckily it is surrounded by variety of shops so they kind of distracts you and feel like its a short journey :p)I can't remember how much per night is as we've paid djah in is indeed a very budget hotel ;) the room is very me; enough for two adults otherwise very cramped :p (as djah called it 'pigeon-hole'..hehe) however, the cleanliness and wide LCD tv makes up to the tiny size..too bad i did not take any of the room photo otherwise i can show it to you...for more info ~ Citin Hotel, Masjid Jamek

Faulty machine and were given manual ticket instead

Our pigeon holey room ;)
Before dinner, kak noorul and me roamed the bazaar around the hotel (also known as Little India) where you can get cheap imitation bags, fashion attire, woolly slippers etc...everything under one roof...except for food! there is only one stall selling goreng pisang, keropok lekor and nuggets...we bought a RM2 mix and match to snack on while waiting for others..

Indian cuisine for dinner, in front of the snack stall..everyone had their own menu..i bought butter naan set with chicken tandoori and teh o ais limau...delicious! kak noriha bought a plate of mutton briyani for us to share..thanks kak!

We all decided to go shopping mall and not back to the hotel...i mean hey, the night is still young and it's the last night of 2010! wowweee! so we headed to nearby Sogo, get separated and agreed to meet at 10pm (mall closing time :p) This just like Singapore's Heartland Mall, even the price tags are almost the same range...kak noorul and I just window shopped and (sneakily) copying new clothes' pattern..hehehe..djah caught us buying more snacks (it's ice cream time!) at the basement and somehow she also bought it too!

Upon returning to hotel, we saw the road was blocked off for the new year's celebration at Dataran Merdeka, few streets first, kak noorul and I consciously walking beside the road and ended up being in the middle of it after what kak midah's said "korang apasal jalan kat tepi tepi, bila lagi lah dapat jalan kat tengah tengah road" ye tak ye eh ;) we opted to go back to rest rather than joining the celebration. Yes, it's a once-a-year occasion but our body cannot tahan the ache anymore! :p Back to the hotel, not empty-handed but with bulk of plastic bags ;D (my eyes caught sight of sweet dresses hanging at the bazaar..and bought two of it..hehe, could not resist [RM60 each] + another late night snack: steam corn melted with butter..oooohh! divine! and more keropok lekor..heheh) While munching our keropok and jagung, we were blasted by a loud bang outside our room..oh yeah! we can see the fireworks! Masya Allah, lucky we didn't drag ourselves we can see it in our own comfortable pajama ;) Thank you Allah!

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