Monday, October 21, 2013

Traveling ~ Muslimah Style ;)

Previous posts are mostly the recollection of my traveling 2 to 3 years back. The first one reminisced the memories of traveling with two of my colleagues to South Korea with a group tour. At that point, I have also done several homework on places that we really want to go but not covered under the tour itinerary. Alas, I have no idea where I keep that notes :p

The second trip with a group of friends to Kuala Lumpur. I relied very much on my friend's plan and was quite regretful that I did not do any research at all. At one point, I felt quite lost there, not knowing where to go or how to get there.

The third one was with my beloved mei-mei, a maiden journey to China! As we were a completely FIT (Free Independent Travelers), every thing was planned and routed exactly what I want (well, almost..we do get a fair share of losing our way despite using the mobile maps!) The notes, I believed I have accidentally thrown it away!

The fourth, fifth and sixth experiences are still in the draft mode huhu..
insya Allah will get on it as soon as I can ;)

Even though, I've lost many of my notes (due to my scatter brain!), insya Allah I'll be doing the research again and share it here. It might come in handy someday, for me and you as well.   

Keep travelling! (Nami Island, South Korea - Mar '10)

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