Thursday, May 31, 2012

Travelog: Day 4 - I ♥ HK [24/5/2012]

Last day!

Thanks to the last flight out by Jetstar, we have time to explore Hong Kong more. Took the MTR to Tung Chung, just two stops away from our place. Once arrived, we straight away buy tickets for our cable car ride up to Ngong Ping 360. I got to know this place from Running Man, when they do the shooting in Hong Kong. It looks beautiful on TV so must go and see with my own eyes, hehe. 

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car station very near to Tung Chung station

There it is! Behind the Citygate Outlet

There are two types of cable car; Crystal Cabin and Standard Cabin. To experience both, we bought round ticket of one each. Not many people was there during our trip but based on the number of counters and wide queuing space available, it must be pretty crowded during peak seasons. I suggest to take at least 1 trip via the Crystal Cabin, it worth every cents you've paid. My camera never stops clicking! The panorama view of the mountainous range is super cool!

so many counters!

=) love my sis reaction upon seeing this "bole nampak bawah! in her horror voice"

25-min ride of captivating views

There are other ways to go up apart from cable car. By bus or if you're adventurous (and fit), can try the hiking route which looks super challenging though because I saw STAIRS and MANY STAIRS - my (and Po's) worst enemy!

Those who love to shops, no worries. There is plenty of souvenir shops at Ngong Ping Village, with reasonable price tags too.

Gelato break before hiking up to wisdom path

From here, slight hiking up to your destination - straight path

Last lunch at Hong Kong! Amazingly, they have halal shop here; Ebeneezer Kebab. Love the big-sized portion. 

Lamb Kebab

Inside of Lamb Kebab

Fish and Chips

View of going down ♥♥♥
Had around an hour left, browse thru the Citygate Outlet. Similar to any other outlet and since we have no intention of buying, we just window shop :)

Long queue at Jetstar check in counter.  I completely forgot to do online check in so we have to queue, no matter what. After we're done, we only have time to perform our prayers - prayer room available at Hong Kong International Airport. Regret to say, that we did not have time for Popeye's - another halal eatery at HKIA. It's okay, I like this kind of things, gives me reason to come back heheh. Instead we bought airline meal on board Jetstar for S$10 each. Budget airline = Budget meal = Not So Budget Price. My feedback: Don't be tempted by the menu pictures.

Chicken Rice

Curry Rice

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