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Travelog: Day 3 - I ♥ HK [23/5/2012]

Updated September 2015: There is another Halal Certified restaurant at Explorer's Club Restaurant in Mystic Point. Insya Allah I will blog more on this restaurant soon. Going to HKG again in November! Alhamdulillah!!

Disneyland here we come!

Bought the 1-day pass with one way transfer from hotel via Apple Holidays at $70 per pax. I know I can get better rates online but then never mind la, since I'm there submitting our passports might as well settled the ticket too. Anyway, when I checked, it's not much difference.

Waited for the transfer to come at lobby. Penat tunggu seh! Arranged to meet at 9am but only came after half and hour later. No complain though as most FIT booking is like this, as they hotel hopped to pick other passengers.

Finally! Arrived at Hong Kong Disneyland! Whee! Time to unleash the child in us haha.
Halal Food: Tahitian Terrace in Adventureland
Prayer room: No specific room allocated but we were brought to a cosy empty room when we asked the Guest Relation officer a place to pray.  

We've spend almost all day here but did not stay for the fireworks as we're rushing to Islamic Canteen at Ammar Sadick Islamic Centre for dinner. This shop close at 9pm.  

My purpose of going there is to eat and enjoy the authentic dim sum buuuut I didn't do my homework properly! Dim sum service ends at 3pm. Boo hoo! 

We lost our way for the first time in Hong Kong. Quite frustrated as we are using the Google map! In the end, we rely on the hard copy map which is more accurate. Haish! Arrived at Islamic Canteen 15min minutes before it close. The waitress shows irritated face as she has prepared to go home but she did ask the chef whether can still cook for us. Annnd, us being so tired and grateful that we found the place, didn't even think to make it as takeaway instead of eating-in. Only after few stares from the waitress (and few mouthful of noodles), it came to our mind hehe.

Below are the photo-entry on Disneyland and our dim-sum-turned-to-noodle dinner.

We're here!

Ask for Prayer Room here. The staff will bring you to an empty room. Make sure you have your wudhu' ready ;)
The first look of HK Disneyland upon entering the park

Let's makan breakfast

Great performance. Enjoyed it very much

The newly-opened Toy Story Land attraction

It's like being in a giant toy box!
Super looooooooong queue at Winnie The Pooh ride

and super booooooooring :p
Stroller parking

Halal-Certified Restaurant at Tahitian Terrace

Singapore Laksa. Very delicious, even the taugeh taste nice

Entertaining in the beginning but......

At the end of the ride, I'm sleepy as this hippo
5-second glimpse of Minnie Mouse, from on board the train

We missed the parade :(
MTR to town

Braised Beef La Mian
Sweet and Sour Fish Vermicelli

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